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On Monday, I discussed the importance of charging clients for your travel time and expenses, especially when the job in question is a destination wedding or event. Today, I’d like to continue that discussion by addressing a few more costs related to destination weddings and events:

1. Transportation. In order to get from point A to B, you will need a mode of transportation. So whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, your client should cover this expense.

2. Time. Setting up a destination wedding may take longer than a more conveniently located wedding. You must consider this when deciding what to charge your client. After all, time is money.

3. Staff. Remember, you’ll have to break down the wedding after it’s over, and that will likely happen well after midnight. You may need to hire a late crew from the surrounding area.

4. Food. You should provide lots of snacks and drinks for your crew. A well-fed crew is always more productive.

5. Per Diem. Sometimes, your crew will need to spend the night in order to get a wedding installation done on time. Remember, you’re essentially asking them to provide 24 hours of their time for this job.

When you’re bidding for a “local” destination wedding or “far” destination wedding, it’s essential that you remember these additional charges. If you don’t, you will lose money eventually. Trust me, it always catches up with you.

Dear Reader, take care of your crew, and you will earn their loyalty. Do you have your clients pick up the tab for lunch for you and your crew? Do they ever object?

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