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Today is my 63rd birthday. I love birthdays, because while other folks resist getting older, I can honestly and happily say that I am happier now than I was when I was 30. I welcome each new year.

I also love that my birthday is at the beginning of the month, because I get to celebrate all month long. And I will!

But, first, I always spend my actual birthday quietly. I see it as a beautiful day of rest and relaxation with my life partner, Theo Bleckmann. This year, Theo and I are in the Dominican Republic. I’ll be speaking at the Inspire Smart Success Experience here May 6-9 with my dear and brilliant friend, Stacie Francombe. But, thanks to Stacie, Theo and I got to arrive a bit early for a mini birthday vacation. And it’s paradise.

As soon as we arrived at the amazing property — The Sanctuary Cap Cana — the wonderful staff shepherded us inside and have been treating us like royalty ever since. We have a large villa overlooking the ocean and every possible luxury imaginable at our fingertips. Did I say this was paradise? I meant HEAVEN!

So it doesn’t surprise me that Punta Cana is rapidly becoming a number one spot for destination weddings. Who wouldn’t want to get married in heaven? Especially a heaven that’s so accessible from the U.S. and has such gorgeous beaches?

I love destination weddings, but I also recognize that they can be tricky for brides. In fact, on my flight alone, I saw FIVE women carrying wedding gowns! Understandably, they were afraid to ship them — what if they got lost?

These women also happened to recognize me, and we all started chatting like old friends. One of them was a wedding planner, who had agreed to deliver her bride’s gown. She’d had the good sense (and money) to purchase an extra seat for the dress. Another woman was a maid of honor, who had promised her best friend that she would transport her dress safely. The other three were actual brides carrying their own dresses.

But all of them wanted to know if I knew a better way of getting the wedding dress to a destination wedding. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I wasn’t able to give them much of an answer.

But, Dear Readers, maybe you can help? Any tips or ideas for getting wedding dresses safely to their destinations?

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