Designing With Flowers: A Modern Take on Traditional Elements



Dear Readers:

Most of my new brides have been requesting modern or traditional weddings with chandeliers in a floral topiary shape.  A few of them have used the word “eclectic” when describing their dream wedding design.  My interpretation of this is that they want a wedding with different elements. Needless to say, I am incredibly pleased that my brides have stopped asking for “vintage” weddings (which, between us, I think are overdone).

That said, I never forget that my job is to always give my brides what they want. As a designer, it is always fun to give traditional shapes (such as topiaries) a modern twist. For example, I recently showed my traditional bride a modern topiary-shape for her centerpiece. Though she liked the idea, she confessed that she was not sure this would work for her.  Again, my bride is always right, but sometimes it’s fun to take a different approach.

Today, I am turning this over to all of you.  Would you use the centerpiece shown above for a traditional bride? Why or why not? I would love to know your opinion.