Designing With Flowers: Too OTT? Is There Such A Thing?

unnamed-5Dear Readers:
I think we both know my feelings on this topic–most of the time. “More is better” is usually my motto, but there are rare occasions on which I go too far.  Take the design above for example.  Those overly-decorated chair covers with patterned tablecloths and the fruits and flowers dripping from the centerpieces?  That is not even taking into account the fire.
What was I thinking?
What most people do not understand about over-the-top design is the theme/concept behind it; they just see the final product.  This client was very clear in that she wanted something very unique for her outdoor banquet. “I want it to mimic a decadent dinner setting,” she instructed.  Of course, the idea for the fire was mine. Please never use fire indoors. I want to stress again that this was an outdoor event.
Today, I want you all to be the designers.  What would you have done differently with this theme? Also, tell me how you really feel about this design.