Designing with Flowers: Timeless Flowers

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Dear Readers:

One of my finest moments as a designer is when I run into a client whom I designed for about 20-25 years ago, and they tell me how much they loved the flowers at their wedding. That said, it also happens in reverse. There are times when my clients tell me they didn’t like my work when I decorated their weddings.

I recently had a bride share something with me that I loved, and I wanted to share it with all of you. She said, “I would like my flowers to be like my dress: timeless. I would like to know that when I am showing my children my photos 20 years from now, they do not look dated – which often happens when we follow what’s currently ‘trendy’.” Most people, including myself, are so eager to be inventive in the floral world, thus we forget the beauty and reward that comes with creating a timeless design.

Just for fun, I started looking through my old photos, and I found a job that was done for a lovely client in 1994. This design is now 20 years old. (Can you believe 1994 was that long ago?) You will notice that some tables have high centerpieces, while others have low pieces.

Now, do you think this floral design looks dated, or would you use the same one today? Feel free to be as candid and fun in answering as you’d like to be. I can take it!
(Photo Courtesy: John labbe)