Designing With Flowers: The Real Cost Of Wholesale Flowers



Dear Readers:

Sometimes, I wish that I could send all of my clients a manual of how much wholesale flowers actually cost, especially in New York.  I really believe this might help them to understand why we charge what we do. Another thing I would like for more clients to understand is that they are not only buying flowers, but also the floral talent and significant amount of time it takes to clean and arrange the flowers they choose.
In today’s blog, I am going to do something I have never done before and list the wholesale prices of some of the most popular flowers we use.  Note: These are starting quotes for individual stems.
Long Stem Roses:  $.85 each.
For all of you peony lovers, you’re in for a shock. They are one of the most expensive flowers on the market, starting at $4.50 each.
Love orchids, especially those of the beautiful  Phylanopsis variety?  They start at $18.00 a stem. Yes, you read that correctly. Wholesale.
Those lovely Cymbidiums orchids  are a little more expensive, starting at $20.00 each.
Now, one of the best buys are one of the most loved flowers: Hydrangeas. These start at $2.00 dollar a stem, or $5.00, if they are dutch. The great thing about these flowers is that they take up a lot of room in our arrangements..
Now, I would like to offer up a bit of a pricing challenge for all of you.  Take a look at the 8 foot arrangement at the top of the blog and tell me what you believe the wholesale price to be:
a  $1.00-$1,000
b   $1,500
c   $3,000
I will share the true price tomorrow.