Designing With Flowers: The Power Of Details


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Dear Readers:

As a designer, one of the most wonderful things to watch clients and guests enjoy our work.  But as guests, we know that nothing compares to the actual experience of simply walking into a room and being completely transported into an alternate reality where all of the senses are delighted. This, of course,  is made possible by giving attention to details. Not one or two, but dozens (and sometimes hundreds and thousands, depending on the event).

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I personally like to approach every section of an event with a desire to layer as I firmly believe that there should be elements of surprise throughout the night. At first, guests see the whole room and then, slowly, designs are broken down into many different experiences. Upon close inspection, a tablescape becomes a feast for the eyes and lights, music and even scent can be changed throughout the evening. It is essential that we create more than simply a beautiful design, but a real experience for our guests.

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Today, I want to ask all of you to share how much effort you really put into the details of your events. Do you focus on the big “wow” factor or do you layer and create moments of surprise? If its the latter, share some with us. Have you ever sat down at a table and felt there could have been more? Do you think there can be too many details or is that the point of OTT design?