Designing With Flowers: The Art of Presenting The Client With Exactly What They Are Getting



Dear Readers:

When I first started in this business, I spent most of my time working with great ideas in my mind. Though I wanted to show my clients exactly what they were going to get, I could not because I lacked the funds.  Thus, I used a story board instead in order to explain my designs in a more generalized way.
The problem was always the same; What I had in my mind never really matched the images that swirled in the minds of my clients.  This changed when I had a valuable “a-ha” moment that transformed my business.   I decided that showing clients exactly what they are getting was not enough; I would go even further and show them several designs, giving them not only what they wanted, but also options based on our very informative discussions of their vision.
Presentations are not just about showcasing our talents, they are an emotional experience and allow clients to get a taste of things to come.  Doing three can be incredibly time consuming (and very costly), but this strategy has proven to be one of my best sales tools.
 The big question is whether or not to give a potential client a presentation before being hired.  If you have done this, please share how many times you actually got the job.  My point-of-view has changed dramatically over the past few years and I am very interested in hearing your opinion on this matter.