Designing With Flowers: The 5 Biggest Myths Associated With Being “Successful”



Dear Preston:

I am a mid level designer and have been working diligently to move my business up the ladder. I strive to be like you one day and have so many ideas about what it must be like to enjoy your kind of success.  I wonder if I am projecting a little bit. Can you share any “myths” about being a successful event designer?

On My Way


Dear On Your Way:

I love this question!  There are actually a number of “myths” as you put it and it is my pleasure to blow the lid, so to speak. I feel like it is so important for us all to be open and honest with one another as perception is not always reality, and often, people compare themselves (and get down on themselves) based on these false ideas. Today, I am sharing five of the biggest misconceptions. I hope you will find them helpful as you move up in your business (and I believe you will!)


Successful Event Designers Do Not Make Mistakes At Events.

How I wish this were the case!  To be honest, I cannot think of one single event where something did not go wrong.  The good news is that, with success, comes experience and the more experience one has, the less mistakes (and the better grasp on how to handle the ones that are made).


High Level Clients Are Not Concerned With Budgets.


Again, I wish. There is always a figure to work with, regardless of how wealthy the client.  Mind you, these budgets may be more generous, but there is always a shock at the original quote.


Success Means Money Is Always Made


Wrong, wrong, wrong. The event business is closely tied to (and strongly affected by) the economy. When the economy is bad, one of the first things to take a hit is expensive event-throwing.  Even clients who have the money will scale back.  2009 comes to mind…

Once You’re Successful, You Just Sit Back and Rest on Your Laurels.


Nothing is further from the truth.  This is a rapidly-changing business which requires one to constantly reinvent themselves.  In fact, I have found that you have to work as hard throughout your career with just different motivations.  I always try to have at least three new ideas that are unique and different going on.  At this time, I am trying PBTV, my new webisode “Pillow Talk” and working on a new book. If one of these ideas work, I will be thrilled.


Clients Are Always Banging Down Our Doors


How I wish this one were true.  There are more clients willing to spend $10,000-$100,000, so it is always more challenging getting clients as many feel they cannot afford us, which isn’t always the case.


Personally, I think we should all try to redefine our definition of success.  I think my biggest “success” in the event business is my ever-present desire to create.  The more creative I feel, the more successful I am.


Please share one of your greatest successes with us today. I would love to share it with others.