Designing With Flowers: Taking A Closer Look


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Dear Readers:

I hope all of you are having a nice week thus far and well into working towards whatever goals you are going (not trying) to achieve this year.  Today, I wanted to talk a little about the importance of really seeing the different layers of things, be it situations, people, designs, even ourselves.  So many times, I am asked what my best advice is to get from A to the luxury market and I often find myself saying the same thing: It takes time, dedication and a lot of mistakes. The main reason I am so diligent about my blog writing is that I believe it offers us an incredible opportunity to communicate, one on one, with each other. I do read your comments here on the blog, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and I hope that you know that these posts are written not to speak at you, but to you.  Today, I want to remind all of you to not only see the big picture, but the hours of hard work that go into things. The teamwork, the sweat, and maybe even some tears (though I try not to let that happen in my studio).

We often see something and take it as face value or think that some success or achievement has happened “overnight” when, in fact, we don’t realize that the person we are looking at or thinking of is just that, a person. This means that there is always more than meets and delights the eye and we should make room for that when we compare our own journey to theirs.

Let us take a moment to think of (and thank) those who work with us to make the designs we give to our clients and let us congratulate ourselves on sticking with what we love and standing beside our dreams, regardless of what frustrations or fears might come our way.

Today, I would like to ask all of you: What is the secret behind your success? What is something people looking at you/your designs would not know?




Photo: John Labbe