Designing With Flowers: Sitting On A Bed Of Flowers

HRH-L-Riyadh_Curved Table_3
Dear Readers:
The beauty of designing with flowers is that there are no limits in how one can use them.  With that in mind, I have come up with an idea I would like to run by all of you. I have always been fascinated by pieces of furniture that look like pieces of artwork.  The museums are full of chars and benches that, upon first glance, look like beautiful sculptural pieces, but a closer look reveals their functionality which always tends to hit me with an added element of surprise.
As I begin to work on new designs, I thought about designing a furniture line made entirely of flowers.  Of course, the seat would be made from soft fabric mimicking the arrangements as pillows.  I am still working out the practical details while making each fabric flower look realistic and still feel soft and comfortable.  Before I move ahead with this crazy design, I would like your feedback.
If I should manage to create beautiful, soft flowers out of the fabric and use them as a cushion, would you feel comfortable sitting atop a bed of flowers or is this way too crazy to consider?
I look forward to your responses!
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