Designing with Flowers: Putting The Final Touches On The Courses



Dear Readers:

My office is buzzing as we  get  ready to teach our Designing With Flowers courses next week.  When I first had the idea to do these courses, I considered offering them to anyone interested in the world of flowers.  But while preparing the curriculum, I decided to make it more challenging, thus my decision to curate  this particular series for more experienced florists.  Over the years, I have received many requests to share the many techniques we use to create some of our most elaborate designs.  It is for this reason that I chose to make this the main focus of the course

I will be teaching my approach as to how to design not only a table, but an entire space with flowers. Here is what you can expect:


You will learn the techniques to create:

Elaborate hanging ceiling structures.

Elaborate centerpieces.

How to create trees from scratch.

How to sculpt with flowers and petals.


This will be an intense two-day course with a workload that, if you are an experienced florist, you will be no stranger to  You’ll work under the instruction of myself and my floral master, Sanaw Ledrod. We will be assisted by my floral and design department. Most importantly, you’ll get a glimpse of the fun, creative and chaotic world of PB Designs.  For all of you beginners, I promise to teach an entry level class  at a later date when my schedule permits it.

Question: As a florist or designer, what is the one element that you find most difficult to create? For example, it took me years to learn how to do a hanging floral chandelier. Share your experience with us below!