Designing With Flowers: Please Help Me With My Dinner Party Table


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Dear Preston,

I am looking to have an intimate dinner party that is vibrant, elegant and fun–but still sophisticated. I am starting to believe this is a tall order as I am having some trouble finding the balance. I love the color purple but am not finding a way to incorporate it in a way that doesn’t look a bit cheesy.  Can you offer some ideas?

Dinner Dilemma

Dear DD:

I love that you’re putting so much effort into your table and I would be happy to help. In fact, I did a table that I think (and hope) will serve as a good source of inspiration.  DD, when designing the table, be respectful of guests sitting across from one another. You want to make the centerpieces low enough that everyone can enjoy them but also see the person across from them.

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It is always nice to add a little something extra onto the plates of guests. Flowers, of course, are my option. You want to make sure they are of the non-toxic variety of near food or utensils.

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Finally, I want to remind you that you set the tone as the host. Be sure to bring vibrancy and fun into the room by remembering the real reason you are there; to enjoy good food and good company.