Designing With Flowers: Not Knowing What They Do Not Know



Dear Readers:

Very recently, I posted that I was in the market to hire two good freelance florists.  As such, I would love to share what transpired in the interview with a potential hire we’ll call Dan.

Dan: “I am very excited to be here and can guarantee that I am the best florist for the job.”

Me: Well, he certainly has a lot of confidence.  That’s a good thing. “Tell me, Dan, what makes you the best person for the position?”

Dan: “Well, I recently did my friend’s wedding which hosted 100 people;  everyone thought my flowers were spectacular.  I love what I did!  I created these centerpieces full of all white hydrangeas.”

Me: I wonder if Dan has ever seen the work we do here. Does he actually think that doing an event for 100 people makes him the best? “Your friend’s wedding sounds lovely.  I wonder; have you ever done an oversized floral arrangement?”

Dan: “Preston, trust me. I could learn that in a day. I am very good with my hands.”

Me: Is he for real? How do I turn this guy down without hurting his enthusiasm?

This, folks, brings me to the topic of today’s blog.

I think one of the biggest problems we are having in the event business is that many folks simply do not know what they do now know.  I am the first to encourage enthusiasm; it’s great! But the truth is that nothing beats experience.  I think these folks are ruining the integrity of our industry by underbidding those who actually know what they are doing. Worse, our poor clients are at their mercy.  Once the clients hear they are cheaper and that misleading confidence, they tend to go with them. Don’t get me wrong; my business has grown because I believe in taking on new challenges constantly.  That said, I believe the best way to grow is to always come from that humble place where you know that you do not know and you’re open to learning.   A bit of confidence is great, but misguided confidence is dangerous.
Question: Should I have given “Dan” a chance?  Was I wrong to turn him away or do you think he had an inflated ego?