Designing With Flowers: My 35th Anniversary

Dear Readers:
I cannot believe that it was 35 years ago this month that I got hired for my very first job. Yes, folks, it was that long ago.  It’s been a roller-coaster ride ever since, with many triumphs (and twice as many horrible mistakes) to look back upon.  After turning 66 this year, I think I have become what is known as one of the “Grandfathers” in the event industry.  I am so very thankful to my divine God and the many clients and friends who have supported us through all of these years.
For all of you colleagues and friends who work in our business, please permit me to share the three beliefs that I credit with keeping me going after all of these years:
For better or worse, there is only one you. You are your own success story.  Always try to bring your high level of integrity and authenticity to all of your work and do not allow others to pull you down, even if they put you down.
You are going to have good jobs and bad jobs. There will also be great years, good years and terrible ones.  Anyone can “make it” in this industry, but very few can endure.  Prepare yourself with the knowledge that just because things are not always going your way does not mean you should quit.  Never give up on your dreams.
Find a direction for your work and embrace it.  Do this regardless of what others think. Mine, as we know, was embracing my love for an abundance of flowers and using it in my designs.
My dear readers, you are going to encounter a lot of “dream killers” on your path. Sometimes these will be  family and friends, even well-meaning ones, but I encourage you not to listen to them.  I promise you that if you keep doing what you love, the money will eventually follow.  In the next few weeks, I will be sharing some of the jobs that I have done over the past three and a half decades. Some of them were decent, others not so great.
To start, I am sharing one inspired by my love of tulips that was done almost twenty years ago.  What do you think of the design? Classic or dated?