Designing with Flowers: Mayesh Wholesale Florist




Dear Readers:

As florists, we tend to rely heavily on our wholesale suppliers.  For me, shopping for the right flowers can be just as exciting for shopping for the right fashions.  Have you ever been to the floral market here in New York? I personally think it is beautiful and offers a great selection of flowers, but sadly, it’s rather underwhelming.  This is an unfortunate side-effect of the high rents charged here in the city.  Many wholesalers have been pushed out of the area and replaced by hotels and other types of businesses.
Bottom Line: When it comes to our flower market, we New Yorkers are way behind.
It is such a shame that the wholesalers did not get one of our larger piers on the water when they were being developed.  Maybe it’s not too late to get one of them. I hope that’s the case.

To see flower markets reaching their full potential, one only has to visit the ones in Los Angeles and Miami. Most impressive are The Mayesh Wholesale Florist Company in the latter city. I love giving a shout-out to vendors and suppliers when they deserve it and today, I am giving one to Mayesh.  These amazing suppliers have eighteen branches in seven different states where I have worked (including Los Angeles).  Having worked with a number of different suppliers, I can tell you clearly what sets Mayesh apart.

The Space: This is what I loved most.  The set-up resembles an art gallery of flowers which makes it very easy to shop.

Variety and Quality:  It is essential that your wholesaler is getting flowers from as many countries as possible. At Mayesh, there are varieties from 12 to 15 different countries in any given week.

Flexibility: Quite frankly, you want a wholesaler who can save your ass with last-minute orders!

And Mayesh, thank you  for saving my ass once more this past weekend when we did the flowers for Mr.  Trump’s son, Eric, and his lovely bride, Lara.

If you are a florist or designer anywhere in Latin America (or close to Miami), I encourage you to visit this amazing space.
1406 NW 82nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126
(305) 468-8225
Now, a question for all of my florist friends: What are the most expensive and most difficult flowers to get in your area? Also, share your feelings about the flower market in your respective city.