Designing With Flowers: Is “More” Still Better Or Do You Prefer Less?




Dear Readers:

I started in this business as a florist and flowers are still one of my greatest loves.  It is for this reason that most of my work has remained so heavily floral. I still think that one of the most amazing parts of an event is to have guests walk into a room that is covered in some of the most beautiful flowers they have ever (and sometimes never) seen.

That said, I recently received a comment that made me stop and think. I was told that my work is beginning to look a bit outdated as “people” are no longer using that many flowers.  I began to wonder who those “people” were. Were they the clients who no longer ask for flowers in abundance or the general public?

If this statement is true, is it because the cost of flowers have become so high that most florists cannot afford to use a certain quality and quantity of flowers while still making a profit? Is it because the new “trend” is to use minimal flowers? Or could it be that, perhaps, I am stuck in the past using an abundance of flowers in a time that no longer call for the aesthetic?

I would love your opinion on the topic.