Designing With Flowers: Is It Acceptable To Re-Use Fresh Flowers At Another Event?


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Dear Preston:

I recently designed 15 tall centerpieces for a wedding last Friday.  As I had another wedding the following day, I decided to edit some of the centerpieces with some of the leftover flowers. The big issue arose when the client from Friday attended the wedding on Saturday and is now demanding that I return some of her money.  I would like to do the right think; what do you think that is?

Recycled Flowers

Dear RF:

There are two things to address here. First, it is not uncommon for florists to reuse flowers instead of trashing them, but it is essential that you always make that extra effort to make sure they look very, very different; that’s rule number one.  Secondly, you must put yourself into your client’s shoes. She likely feels that she paid you for your flowers and style and then walked in to see the design that was so special to her and her special evening at her friend’s event; of course she’s upset!  If I were in your position, I would focus on keeping your client happy.  Tell her you will not return her money, but you would love to send her a weekly floral arrangement for the next month as your gift to her.  Hopefully that will help dissolve any feelings of transgression.

Readers: What are your thoughts on this? Would you return the money?  Have you ever reused flowers?