Designing With Flowers: How To Bring other Nature Indoors

Dear Readers:
As many of you may know, I believe bringing the beauty of Mother Nature indoors make for the most exciting designs.  My desire always remains the same; to transport guests into a world of fantasy and transport them into a place that has never been seen before.  While this reads well on paper and sounds great in theory, the truth is that it is easier said than done.  Take for example the concept of trees. Because the trees we use are so tall, we cannot actually bring in live ones. As a result of this reality, we mostly construct them from scratch once inside the venue.  This is also quite a task as most venues do not have doors wide enough to accommodate the width and length of the trees.
Another thing we do is create our own flowers from rose petals (as showcased in the photo above).  While God’s designs are gorgeous, I personally think the beauty of transformation is found in the designs based on your own interpretation.  It is for this reason that I am very much looking forward to my next PB Protege class on February 24 & 25th when I will be teaching the tricks behind building these statement pieces in order to transform a space.
Today, I would like for all of you to share your design inspiration.  Is it mostly Mother Nature like myself or something else? I would love to know.