Designing with Flowers: Dramatic Statements For Dessert Tables





Dear Readers:

I am always fascinated by the unique customs offered by each different culture.  Take for example, the amazing dessert displays that serve as such a big part of event celebrations in countries like Brazil, Peru and other Latin american countries. Those of us in New York are just beginning to pay attention to our dessert tables, but these cultures incorporate them in a dramatic and original way.

I love it.

The first time I learned of this was when I payed a visit to the amazingly talented designer, Arturo de Noriega, in Lima, Peru.  He is the talent behind the masterpiece you see displayed above.   Mr. Noriega hosted me a few years back when I was visiting as a guest speaker.  This week, I have been given the honor of returning to Peru to teach a class for the best florists and designers in the area.  With all of that talent in one room, I am not sure I can teach them much, but I will definitely try!

Another thing I have discovered about Peru is that they offer some of the most elaborate and intricate designs I have seen in any place I have visited while traveling around the world.  This, of course, does not take into account the food which is out of this world.  Some of the outdoor structures they build are simply amazing.I often wonder if all of the desserts get eaten. Oh, who cares? It looks gorgeous.

Question: Every single element of a celebration is important, but I wonder how you feel about these designs.  Do you think it is worth it to invest that much money into a dessert table? I certainly think it looks super dramatic. What is your opinion?



Photo: Arturo Noriega