Designing With Flowers: Designing With Opposing Colors



Dear Readers:
I love to give my clients as much detail visually as possible. For example, this gazebo was set up in my office in New York for a client who who suggested this color combination but decided against her initial vision once she saw it executed. Instead, she chose something that was more monochromatic and traditional like the design below. If you look through photos of my work, you will see that I have always been more comfortable working with monochromatic colors. I have always found them to be more visually peaceful than strong opposing colors. Yet, I have many brides who disagree, announcing very proudly that they have settled on striking combinations such as black and white and green and yellow.
White Floral Wedding Gazebo and Altar Design on Preston Bailey's Website
As a designer, of course, we should be able to please our clients by executing any design requests they make.  In today’s Designing With Flowers blog, I would like to know whether or not you prefer working with monochromatic palettes or those with strong contrasts?  Which of the two gazebos would you have chosen and why?
Lastly, what are your best tips for working with opposing colors?
Photo Courtesy John Labbe