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Designing with Flowers: Designing a Dance Floor


Dear Readers:

As I plan the floral arrangements for a wedding, I always think the dining tables are a great place to make a dramatic floral statement. But why stop there?  Depending on my budget, I look at other areas to make another floral visual  statement such as the dance floor.  Think of it this way: Most dance floor are a large empty space, craving for a visual  statement.

Why not give them something exceptional to look at?

I had a client who loves strong vibrate colors.  I also recently just came back from my native country Panama that is full of the most vibrate and colorful butterflies.
For this vary graphic dance floor I choose the strong vibrates colors above that was inspirited also by the very colorful and beautiful  butterflies from Panama.
 She loved the image of the dance floor choice above, but she also thought the colors was WAY to strong.
Let’s play a little color game.
If this was your clients and she love strong colors, what OTHER  colors would you suggest?
Do you happen to think these colors are too strong?