Designing With Flowers: Choosing a Thanksgiving Theme For a Very Special Occasion.


-1Dear Readers:

Dear Readers,

I have always loved to get together with my friends and family and celebrate a special day of giving thanks. Unfortunately, this year, the wonderful chef behind our amazing meal, my sister Aminta, has been in hospitals and rehab centers for the past four months. This year, I am planning to bring her to my apartment with proper care for the day. I am hoping to set up her bed at the head of our Thanksgiving table so that she can feel that she is still a part of the celebration she has led for as long as I can remember.


I have always chosen a theme for Thanksgiving. One year, it was “An Abundance of Fruits” and another time we chose to go with a very modern and clean approach. This year, due to my sister’s condition, I feel the team should honor her in some other, very special way.   I was wondering if you all had any theme suggestions as to how to make this day a very special one for her.  I am also a firm believer in prayers and would so appreciate it if you would send a healing prayer for her.

Thank you,