Designing With Flowers: Can You Mix Seasonal Colors And Still Follow Tradition?


Dear Preston:

I come from a very conservative area where many believe that colors should only reflect the colors of the existing season.  I am getting married in September and my wedding is going to be very traditional.  It is still summer (but the beginning of fall) and I wondered what colors you might suggest for my wedding.

Concerned About Color


Dear CAC:

My first reaction was to remind you that this is your wedding and you should use any color you darn well please, but that is just me being fresh. I do understand the need to be respectful of tradition in this case.  Traditional summer colors are yellows, lavender and other shades of purple whereas fall colors trend to be a bit stronger such as oranges and apricots.   I am taking the liberty of showing you a more traditional arrangement that I think might work well for your mid-season September wedding.   This is a bit of summer mixed with fall and I hope you like it (I also hope that it does not offend any of your more traditional guests).
Readers: Do you think this arrangement works in this case? Also, do you blame the bride for wanting to use the “right” seasonal colors so as not to offend her guests?