Designing With Flowers: Can One Ever Have “Too Many” Crystals?



Dear Readers:

I recently interviewed a lovely bride and asked her if she loved crystals as much as I did. Well, I was so touched when her eyes lit up and she enthusiastically confirmed that we had this appreciation in common. Personally, I feel that nothing beats entering a room that is sparkling with tons and tons of crystals; I find it so festive. That said, there is always another side. One of my other brides told me emphatically that she was “tired of seeing crystals at every event” she attended.


Now, I never challenge my brides, but I do ask for permission to show my ideas. I asked this bride if she would be open to me showing her a centerpiece created with crystals if I promised to use them in a different way. “Show me what you’ve got!” she said. I was thrilled. We used a very simple tall glass vase from Accent Decor and created the crystal centerpiece you see above.

What do you think she said? If you were her, how would you react to my approach?