Designing With Flowers: Cake As an Art Installation

Dear Readers:
I have worked in many countries around the world. More often than not, the dessert stations (and cake itself) are the most dramatically-decorated areas.  While there have been beautiful displays all over the world, I have seen some of the most amazing dessert stations in Brazil, Peru, and even my native Panama.
While working abroad In March, I had a client who wanted a very dramatic statement for a cake.  We thought it would be great to create the cake as an art installation.  One of my apartments was in The Philippe Starck building in New York and we loved the dramatic chandelier in the lobby so much that my client decided to duplicate it as a cake.  My staff and I built the 12-foot frame and asked Alex from the amazing French bakery, leNôtre, to help us by making the cake.  It’s no surprise the cake/art installation became one of the most talked about elements at the wedding.
Question: Do you think we succeeded in making the cake an art installation or is it too much?