Designing With Flowers: Are Tight Flowers In or Out?


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Dear Readers:

When it comes to designing with flowers, I am often faced with two kinds of clients. First, there are those who like very full, tight flowers (such as the arrangement above this post) and those who prefer very loose arrangements (such as the one below). Looking at these designs, it’s not difficult to see they represent two completely different points of view.
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The good news is that a good florist knows how to do both. Personally, I tend to show a preference for tight, rich, symmetrical look. That said, a recent client made a valid point in saying that the ability to appreciate the individual beauty of a flower is lost when you have so many in one base. My initial response was to argue that you get to appreciate them with a tighter look but then was at a loss for words when she promptly responded, “flowers in abundance look old.”
I had nothing more to say.
Today, I turn the discussion over to you and ask what you think. Are tight flowers in or out? What do you prefer and why?



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