Designing With Flowers: Are Sugar Flowers A Waste of Money?

Dear Readers:
One of the most exciting parts of my job is working with the many artistic cake designers who make masterpieces such as the design featured above.  What I found amazing about this cake is that every single flower is made entirely of sugar. The guests at this wedding were in awe of this beauty and were taking photos of the masterpiece throughout the evening.
That said, I recently had a client make me stop and think by asking me a very simple question. “Preston, have you ever seen one guest eat a sugar flower? Have you ever eaten one?”  I had to admit that I have never once eaten a sugar flower. She then emphatically told me she had no intention of “wasting” her money on decorative sugar flowers that are there “solely to be admired”.  I gently reminded her that all of the fresh flowers she was planning to have served the exact same purpose; you cannot eat them, but they create beauty.
She was not having it. “I am not paying for sugar flowers,” she declared.  As with all of my clients, I respected her decision, but I completely disagree with her. I want to know your opinion on this matter. Is it a waste to place sugar flowers on a cake or is it art?