Designing With Flowers (And Candies): My First Latin American Installation



Dear Readers:

The Dominican Republic is known for its great beaches, good food and fun people. What I did not realize is that it is also known for its amazing talent in the event business!

Recently,  I was commission to create a Christmas Installation for the BLUE MALL Santo Domingo.    I was very excited about this commission’ though I am from Latin America, this was my first opportunity it create a public exhibit in a Latin country.

I submitted several designs, but the one that was chosen showcased a gigantic and playful Mr. and Mrs. Claus, made from flowers and all kinds of candies. It also included a tree that held hundreds of hanging presents (how fun would that be to wake up to?)

One of the challenges in creating these kind of installations is finding the right builders and designers who are able to bring the vision to life.  This is not always easy to do when you are unfamiliar with the local talent pool.

To my great surprise, I discovered that the Dominican Republic not only has the best metal workers, but also the best prices when it comes to building things from scratch.  In addition, the country is home to the most generous vendors!  They were incredible to us when it came to sharing their resources!

This installation was such a joy for my team and we I could not  have done it without the generous help of the following people:



Divano Luxury Rentals

Roque Martinez of Roma Arts Designs

Ramon Acevedo of Pop Design

I would also like to thank  Mr. Luis Emilio Velutini and his daughter Daniela Velutini, the owners of the JW Marriott, as well as their exceptional general manager, Mr. Michele de Prisco.  Thank you for allowing me to create my first Latin America Installation.


Happy holidays to all,



Question: I am always interested in hearing feedback from my readers.  If you had to do something different in this Christmas design, what would you  change?