Designing With Flowers: Amusing Statements



Dear Readers:

If there is one thing that is consistent in every wedding, it is that, as florists and designers, we always try and capture the essence of each couple in our work. The challenge often comes with trying to do this in an amusing way. When I interview a couple, I always try and find out the one thing they absolutely love and then try and tell that story with flowers by way of an unexpected and unique design.

Looking at the design showcased above, it’s easy to conclude that the design was created for a couple who liked love birds. Lucky for me, this was easy to interpret. The statement below was for a couple who loved to fly, thus we created a plane. Another couple liked monkey’s. This also posed no problem. But what happens when you have a couple who tells you they love something that’s not all that exciting, like baseball. I understand that some people are passionate about the sport, but I was hesitant to create a ball and bat for fear their wedding would resemble a kid’s party.



Today, I am posing the challenge for all of you.  How would you create a floral statement for a baseball-loving couple? Give me your unique ideas.  Also, share the most exciting request you have been able to incorporate into a wedding.