Design Is A Job


Preston Bailey Book Recommendation Design Is A Job by Mike Monteiro

(Photo via A Book Apart)

I just finished reading a new book by the co-founder of Mule Design, Mike Monteiro, and it’s exactly the book I needed when I was first starting out thirty+ years ago; Monteiro’s advice and guidance would have saved me quite a few headaches. He covers all the essential topics that I try to address regularly here on my blog:

– How to get clients

– How to choose the right clients (this is crucial but is often overlooked)

– How to charge for your work

– How to create and manage contracts

– How to get paid

– How to embrace and make use of feedback

It’s all inside this short and sweet book, and I’m so glad I stumbled upon it. Read Monteiro’s chapter on Getting Clients online, and click here to purchase your own copy.