Design and Storytelling


Dear Readers:

I hope all of you on the east coast are safe and dry (and with power) and would like to thank everyone else for their outpouring of support. Today, I thought we all could use a little fun and wanted to share a wonderful exhibition I found at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The museum  is currently housing over 100 costumes from movies made throughout the 20th Century.  The exhibition is sponsored by Harry Winston and displays the clothes of some of film’s most iconic characters. Dorothy’s ruby slippers are there as is Charlie Chaplin’s suit.

In my humble opinion, clothes may not make the man, but they definitely help him (or her) tell a story. As with all artists, I feel that designers in fashion use their art to inspire, provoke and exemplify traits in ones character that may be hidden under the surface. Whether this is done for a wardrobe on film or stage, I find myself seeing the clothes as playing supporting role to the actors themselves (just as I do with sets). Since many of us won’t be able to make it to London, I thought you might like to see more about the display here.

Tell me, do you ever use your style of dress to convey a message? Do you look at a person’s style of dress for clues to their personality?



(Photo Courtesy of The Victoria and Albert Museum)