Defining Moments

big bang, preston bailey blog

big bang, preston bailey blog


Dear Readers,

Throughout my career, there have been times that I have sailed and fallen, or soared and hit unexpected road blocks. Many times, these periods are preceded or followed by a moment of clarity, often a defining one, that helps me to reassess and regroup while also helping me to transition from one chapter to another.  Some refer to these as “a-ha! moments”, but to me they are universal proof that we have completed a lesson and are moving onto the next one.

Today, I would like to hear about one of your defining moments. Please tell us about a defining moment in your life and how it impacted your career.  I truly look forward to reading your responses.
I also would like to highlight the image I used for today’s blog post. The image comes from a 2011 sculpture and video installation in Beijing done by artist Zhan Wang. It is truly a remarkable work of art.


(Photo courtesy of Label)