Dear Preston:Should I stop exposing my work to theft? Undecided!



Dear Preston:

I live in Brazil, and I admit that I am hesitant in sharing my work on INSTAGRAM now. At first, I thought It was a good way to get clients, but recently I noticed another florist copying my exact design that I showed on Instagram.

Should I stop exposing my work to theft? Undecided!

Dear Undecided:

We live in a world where once a job is complete; we have no control over the images of that event. I did a wedding last month, where at the ceremony, at least half of the guests, were videoing Bride’s walk while she was walking down the aisle. A couple of guests immediately posted it online.

There is no way for any of us as event professionals to avoid our work getting out there. I do believe that sharing your work on Instagram, is an excellent way to get new clients.

If I were you, I’d take the lead; Instead of your potential brides seeing bad pictures posted by other attendees at the wedding, I’ll continue to post the best pictures that you can get off your events.

Please look at this in an another way, other vendors are copying you because you are creative and producing unique designs. The good news is that they can never replicate the “creativity” as a person you possess.

I understand that it is not easy, but you should take this as a compliment, and continue to grow and shine.

Dear Readers:

What do you think about getting your work out there?