Dear Preston:  Your Books Are Misleading My Clients!



Dear Preston:

I have a client who looks at your work religiously and then asks me to reproduce the look and style of your designs.  Here is my question; how do you get your clients to understand that the tablescapes you put together are not $200.00 per table?  When she shows me a photo, I explain to her that she is looking at a $1,500.00 job and she looks at me like I am on drugs! Is this just my demographic or am I doing something wrong.


Dear Frustrated:

I have news for you; many times when I tell my clients that they are looking at a $1,500.00 tablescape, they look at me like I am on drugs. That said, I do think that demographics may work for or against you. My main office is in NYC where, I suspect, it may be easier to charge a client that amount than it would be in a smaller city.

That being said, I am 100% sure that most clients have no idea how much time, effort and flowers it takes to create one of these tables.  What I normally do is to give them an itemized list in what things actually cost.


These include:

-The price of containers or floral structures (most of our containers are custom made).

-The quantity of flowers used (you know that we do not skimp on flowers).

-The hours involved in creating the tables (this depends on the table and can take two florists up to two hours to prepare).

Frustrated, your letter outlines one of the reasons I always show my clients a sample table before an event. This way they can see the value of what they are getting.  However, it’s always a gamble.

In closing, I want to say that I hope that most clients understand that my books should be used for inspiration and to allow the other talented florists to do there own thing.

In today’s blog,I would like to test your ability to price a table.  How much do you think the table above costs?

A. $1,000.00

B. $1,500.00

C. $2,000.00

I will reveal the answer tomorrow.