Dear Preston: You Are Living In Your Own World


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Dear Preston,
I read your blog every day, because you are one of the few who aren’t afraid to share true experiences in the wedding and event industry. But, sometimes, it feels a little like you are living in your own world. I wish you would write more basic stuff. Like how can the rest of us make enough money to feed our kids? That’s what I need to know. Not give you advice about which blogs to read.

Sincerely, A Serious Fan

Dear A Serious Fan,

You’re right. At times, I can see how it might seem like I do live in a world all my own. In a way, though, aren’t we all living in worlds of our own making? But, still, no matter where in your wedding and event industry career you find yourself, we’re all facing the same issues:

1. How to Get Clients
2. How to Make a Profit After We Get Those Clients
3. How to Grow Our Business

I call these three my deal breakers, because you cannot afford to fail at any of them.

I have written a lot about all three, but maybe I haven’t written enough. I will do my best from now on to address these important topics in a more down-to-earth fashion. In the meant time, I am going to reach out to you directly and privately to see how I might be able to help you and your work.

Dear Readers, do you agree with “A Serious Fan”? Do I need to change my tone? Am I not accessible enough?

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