Dear Preston: Would You Hire A Planner Who Posed Nude?


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Dear Preston:

I recently met with an amazing planner who seemed to be everything I have dreamed of working with: organized, funny, intuitive, talented, personable and she completely “got me” as they say. I mentioned her to my future sister-in-law who did a little research and found something that has caused quite a stir in the family; she is a former Playboy model.  There are actually photos of her that can be found on the internet.  I am mortified (my in-law’s are very conservative), but I also feel she is the best person for this job.  I don’t know what to do. Would you work with someone who has this kind of sordid past?

No Nudes


Dear Nudes:

Love, you’re asking the wrong person. If my clients took this kind of approach, I would not be in business.  I, too, have a “sordid past” as do most of us. The difference is that this planner has proof of her decisions online. And really, what about what she has done is “sordid”? She posed for Playboy while she was young and has since become an “amazing” planner.  Good for her!

While I can appreciate the fact that some find posing nude to be amoral, speaking candidly, I think this concern is more about the judgement you fear should you follow your instincts and hire her.

I personally look for talent, consideration, wisdom, respect, understanding, drive and dedication without diving into the past of every person who crosses my path. Unless there is something truly serious to consider, what is the point of pigeonholing someone and making them feel bad about something they did years ago when they are working so hard to move on?  We are all constantly growing and learning and this seems a little unfair.

I am sure you also researched your planner and did not find these photos so I am curious how deep the research performed by your sister-in-law was.  I also question how many of your guests will be googling your planner.

Follow your own heart and do what you would want someone to do for you if you were in her position.

Readers: What do you think this bride should do?