Dear Preston: Why Are Flowers So Expensive? Should I Just Order My Own Online?




Dear Preston:

I am having my wedding next summer and will be welcoming 200 guests. My parents gave me what I consider to be a good budget. I have been interviewing a few florists in my area. As much as I love flowers, I find them to be outrageously expensive. I can find them offered for much less online. I don’t understand the big difference in prices. Can you enlighten me?


In The Dark
Dear In The Dark:

Let me put it very simply: when you hire a florist to do your wedding, you are not only buying flowers but experience. I will try and explain what you might get from hiring a professional florist.

First, you’ll get peace of mind. I am not sure if you fully understand the challenges that goes into creating flowers for 200 people.

Second, you’ll be getting flowers that have been treated gently and will open to perfection on the day of your wedding.

Third (and most important) you’ll get artistry. This one is key. You are not just buying flowers but also the talents and eye of an artist.This person will help you come up with floral ideas that might not have thought possible (or had no idea were possible).

I want to say that I have no issues with DIY, but your wedding is a very special day and it is up to you if you want to take that risk.

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