Dear Preston: When Will I Be Taken Seriously?


Dear Preston


Dear Preston:

After years of working in finance, I decided to quit my job and follow my passion and become a floral designer. Thanks to a thick rolodex of connections, I have managed to remain very busy, averaging about three clients per month.

Very recently, I interviewed with a high-end client who told me that she did not think I had enough experience to do the job she needed done. How many years must I wait before I am taken seriously?



Dear Impatient:

It really depends on the job. Years ago, I interviewed to do Lionel Richie’s wedding. At the time, I thought I was more than prepared to handle the job. They were not convinced and decided to hire the late floral genius (and industry leader) Robert Isabel.

In retrospect, I think they made the right decision. I was just getting started, and though I wanted the job badly, I was not ready. A few years later, Joan Rivers was interviewing event designers to do her daughter Melissa’s wedding. She interviewed myself, Mr. Isabel and others and ultimately hired me. It took me a while to get this kind of job and I needed that time to prepare myself.

Your potential clients may have seen your talent but may have needed something they did not think you were capable of delivering at this time. You may even want to ask them what it was and learn from it.  I know we live in a world that thrives on immediate gratification, but there are times when we need to be patient and put in the time to gain experience.

Dear Readers:  Do you think five years is adequate time to prepare for a high-end job?  How many years did it take you before you were ready (and not just felt ready)?
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