Dear Preston: What would you do if you were in this florist crisis?



Dear Preston:

I had the most beautiful wedding celebration for my daughter’s wedding. I love my florist, my problem is, that I was asked to pay the floral bill two weeks before the wedding. At first, I was a little frustrated by this kind of a request, yet I agreed and paid them in full. One week after the wedding, I received an additional bill for $8,000. The florist claimed that they did not estimate the time correctly that it would take to break-down the elaborate event. The florist delivered this element of surprise after the wedding, and it was not a part of our contract.

I am seeking your expert advice: What do you think I should do? Should I pay them? Or tell them to get lost.

Dear Mother of the Bride:

I am going to go out on the limp here and say if you can afford it, pay them. Mind you, I am sure that you have no legal obligation to do so. I recently have had a similar situation, where I estimated a job without realizing the intensity of the job, costing myself more in labor. As a result, I did not have enough money to cover all expenses.

If you were happy with your florist, you could make them jubilant by just paying, and it would be a wonderful way to say, “Thank you.” And if for any reason, you can’t afford all of it, you might compromise and pay them at least a part of it.

Dear Readers,

I’ll also love the opinion of my readers. What do you think? Should she pay in full or just part, or tell them to get lost?