Dear Preston: What is Your Policy Regarding Employees Receiving Tips?


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Dear Preston:

I am a floral designer who works for someone. We did a job three months ago for a lovely bride who seemed very pleased with the work I did on her flowers. When she and I bumped into one another recently, she asked if I had received the tip she sent me; I had not.  I asked my boss about this and she told me that it was her policy to keep all tips after the job.  Do you think she does this out of fear? What us your policy on your employees receiving tips?


Dear Deprived:

I believe your boss should have made her policy clear from the beginning.  If she has not then I think she is stealing what is rightfully your tip. I have had many clients tip my staff for their hard work and give me a great thank you.  There is a good reason for this; I have already made my money with my profits.  I think your boss is being a bit greedy, and what I find even more offensive is that you were not even told how much your client appreciated you. That’s bad in two ways; you lose out on positive feedback and the client feels you don’t have the good manners to thank him or her.  Deprived, I suggest you sit down and talk to your boss about her unfair policy.  Tell her how you feel openly. I hope she has the heart to give you what is rightfully yours.

Readers: How do you feel about what the boss has done in this situation? Is it fair to withhold tips?