Dear Preston: What Do You Find Inspiring?


Dear Preston

Dear Preston,

I always wonder what it is like to be you during moments of inspiration and I wondered if you might share three things that you have found inspiring over the years, just for fun.



Dear Curious,

What a kind question.  I have found the world is full of sources of inspiration;  the key is really looking, listening, and taking in what is in front of you and around you.  I’d be delighted to share a few things and would like to encourage all of you to do the same by sharing something you have come across that has left you feeling inspired. Tell us or send us a link!




I love taking long walks amongst the trees, staring at the vivid colors and distinct shapes of different flowers, feeling the texture of soft grass, grainy dirt and seeing the many different colors worn by the sky each morning.  This magnificent photo, “Inner Peace” by Peter Lik is a wonderful representation of the unmatchable talents of mother nature.

Marrying Modern, Traditional and Natural Designs In a Unique Way

La Concha resort (located in Puerto Rico) is known as one of the hotspots of San Juan, but as a designer, it’s hard not to appreciate the interesting, intriguing design. Here, accented by beautiful blue water and an open sky, I see so many of the things I appreciate as a designer–risk, beauty, balance, lushness and one-of-a-kind composition that leaves every person who visits it feeling they have encountered something truly unique and special.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

As designers, we always want to push the envelope and offer a fresh perspective, but the past tells a story and I always discover something new about the world and myself when I visit a museum.  I am very fortunate to live in New York City and to have a wealth of information available to me on a daily basis.  My most recent  splurge?  The “Punk: Chaos to Couture” exhibit at The Met.

Please share a few things that have inspired you recently!

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