Dear Preston: What Do I Give Clients Who Have Everything?



Dear Preston:

It’s the Christmas holiday and I would like to thank 10 of my clients with wonderful holiday presents.  That said, most of my clients are wealthy. They surely already have everything they need. Do you have any advice as to what to give them?


Dear Gifter:

So, basically you are asking me what to give someone who has everything. My advice is to give them nothing. Just kidding!

I think this is a great question. Before I answer, I also think it is important that we remind ourselves what exactly gifting is all about. I think this is a great question, and before I answer, I think is important that we remind ourselves what gifting is all about. I personally think of a gift as a way to bring a smile to someone’s face. In order to do that, an element of surprise is very important.


Here are a few suggestions.

Everyone sends their presents before Christmas (or at least before the New Year). I suggest you send your clients your gift on January 15–after the holiday madness. Send them a note wishing them a happy new year and thank them for their support in the previous year (or years).  Believe me, they will be surprised to be receiving something then and you’ll stand out of the crowd while putting a smile on their face.

It’s very difficult to purchase something for someone who can afford to buy everything they want for themselves. But because they are your clients, I am sure you have paid close attention to their likes and dislikes. I suggest that you put some time and effort into these presents and make them something they cannot buy. This could be cookies that everyone loves or a unique floral arrangement or maybe even a unique floral animal like the one above.

Many times kids are easier to gift. If your clients have a toddler, for example make sure to choose the perfect gift for their little one. Believe me this will also put a huge smile on their faces.

If all else fails, simply pick up the phone and call each one of them and tell them how much their business has meant to you and how grateful you are.  A good “thank you” can be the perfect present for someone who has it all.

Question: Do you have any advice for this reader? Do you think a thank you is enough?