Dear Preston: This Planner Is Saying I Need To Cut My Budget Or Lose Referrals


Dear Preston

Dear Preston:

I am working with a planner and it’s making me feel like crap. I showed her my floral demonstration  (the bride loved it) but the planner insisted that I cut my price by 50% in order to accomodate the brides budget. I am at a loss for words. I feel as though I have to do this or I will never get another referral from her.

At a Loss


Dear At a Loss:

There must be a great deal of miscommunication between you and your planner.  Let me ask you; did you discuss money at all with the bride and/or planner before you showed them your floral demonstration?  Did you actually show them something you knew they could not afford or were you not clear about the budget? I suspect this is just a case of miscommunication between the planner and her bride or you and your planner.


This is my suggestion:

The idea that you should cut your prices by 50% is absolutely crazy to me.  None of us are in the business of doing the work for free.  You sound like a talented florist.  Let go of the job and also this planner and move on.  No one needs these kinds of referrals.  I have worked with a number of very talented planners and a great part of their job is to manage the expectations of their clients in relation to their budgets.

Folks, what do you think of my answer? Do you think this florist should cut their prices in order to get future referrals or should she simply cut her losses and move on?