Dear Preston: This Planner Is Blackmailing Me!



Dear Preston:

I am an avid reader of your blogs and I am aware of your strong stance against planners who charge vendors commission. Unfortunately. I live in a city where charging 10-20% is the norm. As a florist, I am concerned. I don’t think I can make it unless I pay commission to the two planners in my area. Here is what happened to me recently: I had a client hire me based on her love of my work and then hired a planner who is insisting that I pay her or she will blacklist me! I need this planner to survive, but this is so unfair! 

What do I do?


Dear Blackmailed:

I think you should bite the bullet and tell this loan shark of a planner to go to hell. I get so angry when I hear these kinds of horrible, greedy business practices. It reminds me of an old school mafia tactic. This is the planners mafia! Of course, it is easy for me to tell you to tell her off, but I promise you that the planners who are still indulging these practices are going extinct like dinosaurs. Your clients are hiring you because of your talent. Please rely on that and tell this planner no!

Dear Readers, what do you think?