Dear Preston: This Is How I Stay Inspired


Dear Preston:

I am writing in regards to yesterday’s blog posting about letting go and change.  I agree that leaving behind things that could serve as hurdles in the future is always the right thing to do.

As the seasons change, they bring about different colors [and a new energy]. In doing so,  they ensure that our lives remain full of inspiration. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason and brings about newer opportunities. Moving forward and learning from our past experiences –along with keeping faith in God and ourselves– is a way to cherish our moments.

Thank you for being so thoughtful.



Dear Navjot:

Thank you for your beautiful comment.  Anais Nin once said that “Life shrinks and expands according to ones courage.”  I truly believe this to be true. You are right that inspiration is all around us, but often times we are so focused on the past that we are not able to recognize or appreciate it.

When we have the courage to hold ourselves accountable for our mistakes, learn important lessons, and let go of what “once was” —regardless of how painful or beautiful that reality might have been— we give ourselves permission to blossom.  It is then that we can experience change for what it truly is--a chance to do better and be better.

I would like to ask you how you plan to show courage this season?



(Photo courtesy of Fashionising)