Dear Preston: The online flower delivery business is killing my flower shop.



Dear Preston:

The online flower delivery business is killing my flower shop. How do they even make any money with their prices? I used to have a huge “walk-in” clientele that no longer even bother to use my services. I am holding on for dear life, do you have any suggestions?

Dear Very Upset;

I feel your pain, and I am terribly sorry to hear about your survival in the industry as flower shop owner. Unfortunately, we live in age, where a lot of “Online” companies are cutting out the middleman, like yourself. It use to be that most florists bought their flowers from the flower market at a wholesale price, then sold it to the customers with an appropriate markup.

Now, from what I understand, the “online” companies have made deals with the floral growers, they get a lower price even than ours because of a tons of online wholesale companies. The gap between a shop owner and online is so far a part that completion words seems to be a talk of the past. There is no way that a small shop owner with limited resources and capital could compete with big online companies who have resources and capital to sustain on the market?

The one and only advice that I can give you is to focus on the floral design where you can set yourself apart from others on the market. Make sure that the designs that you are creating are so amazingly unique and different, that your customers happily use your service instead of going online and ordering for a cheaper price.

Also, educate your clients about your distinct services and product. The good news for you is that most of the “online” are not delivering that particular and different product.


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