Dear Preston: The music was so loud, that we were not able to hear each other talk


Dear Preston:

Recently I was in New York, for the amazing bridal and fashion week celebrations. I got to see some amazing fashion shows, including the Reem Acra show, that you posted on Instagram.

My only disappointment was that I also attended the Knot event at the New York City Library. It was great to see a few very good friends and associates, but unfortunately, the music was so loud, that we were not able to hear each other talk, I stayed for ten minutes and left.

Is this a New York thing?



Dear Disappointed:

No, this is not a New York thing. It is also one of my biggest issues at any event that I attend or organize. I also know for a fact, “very loud” music, in other words thunderous, could create a permanent hearing loss.

I have three different points of view on this issue:

1. Some bands think that the louder they play, the better they sound. (If any musician is reading this blog, I’ll love you to enlighten me on this issue)

2. The venue is not the right “venue” to balance the loud music. For instance, the New York Public Library has mostly marble surfaces, and there are not much softer surfaces to muffle the loud sounds.

3. The host or hostess does not seem to care if the guest gets any time to communicate with each other or not.

I think that each event should have a beginning, middle and ending. At the beginning and the middle; the music played at a level that people could converse, mingle and get to know each other. And as the evening progresses, it’s perfectly ok to increase the volume, especially when guests are in a dancing mood.

My only suggestion to you; that the next time you attend an event, do like I do, that bring some earplugs.

Dear Reader:

Are you bother by “very loud” music at an event? Or do you think it creates a more festive mood?

Have a wonderful weekend and many blessings,