Dear Preston: The “Mom and Pops” stores are becoming a extinct. Can you help?


PB 2014-7-18-1136

Dear Preston:

I live in New York City. I have a small “Mom and Pop” floral shop for the past 30 years, that lately is doing terribly.
I find that super markets like Whole Food are selling plants and flowers at the same price that I buy them wholesale, making it impossible for me to make a profit.
I think the “Mom and Pop” floral shops are becoming extinct.
Do you have any advice, how we could possibly compete with the big retails stores and survive?

Save the “Mom and Pop stores”

Dear “Mom and Pop Stores”

I agree, this is a huge problem that is affecting the integrity of many neighborhoods in New York. I think these “Mom and Pops” flower shops, used to be the heart and soul of the city, that unfortunately are becoming a thing of the past.

The goods news is that the big retail stores, do not have your talent for flower arranging. I suggest that you make sure that at all time, there is the most beautiful floral creation in your windows, drawing customers in.

Another suggestion, is that you might consider selling other accessories for events. Like Napkins, Napkin rings, amazing place matts, candle holders, votive candles etc. This might bring in an additional income to offset the lost of floral sales.

Dear readers:

Are the “Mom and Pop” shops, also vanishing in your neighborhood.?
Do you have any advice for this reader?