Dear Preston: Should A Bride Force One Guest To Wear Her Color Of Choice?




Dear Preston: 

My best friend’s sister-in-law is getting married this year. She is not part of the wedding party, but the bride is demanding that she wear the same color as the group. Who is in the right? This bride wore a scandalous sheer lace dress to my best friend’s wedding a few years back. So, my friend feels like she should be able to wear whatever she sees fit.



Dear Bestie:

As I have never met any of the parties involved, I can only go by your email which gives me the sense that the bride likes to create drama and do things to make sure she is the center of attention as both a wedding guest and a bride. Now, I know some brides think that certain fashion choices are more inappropriate than others as a guest (white, short and shear all come to mind), but some people express themselves through fashion and we have to expect that they will be bolder than others, even at more traditional events. What I find interesting is that this bride is willing to extend this option to all of her guests (under the guidelines of her dress code), but wants to force her sister-in-law to dress as a part of a bridal party she wasn’t invited into.

I don’t know if this is a misguided attempt to make her SIL feel included or she’s being a petty mean girl. What I do think is that your friend should not argue with her. Allow the bride to enjoy planning her special day, and when it comes, your friend should absolutely wear whatever she chooses (based on her taste and comfort, and not the bad taste this behavior might have left in her mouth). It is my hope that the bride is so happy and focused on her groom that seeing her sister-in- law celebrating the occasion in an outfit she feels comfortable in would be nothing more than an added blessing. If that’s not the case, well, that’s no one’s problem but hers.




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